How AnchorFinance Aims to Create a User Friendly Crypto Experience Beyond the Four Walls 

A one-stop-shop solution for all the crypto needs. 

AnchorSwap is a Decentralized Exchange and Automatic Liquidity Acquisition Yield Farm, which currently runs on BSC and has an aim to launch on several other blockchains in the future. The project utilizes a deflationary token ANCHOR. Each time the token is transferred – it triggers the auto-burn mechanism. Another unique feature of ANCHOR token is its ability to allocate part of the transfer tax towards the locked liquidity. The innovative products and features that the development team will be delivering as per AnchorSwap’s roadmap should provide a sustainable environment for users to benefit from high APR yield farming and many other DeFi solutions, such as prediction trading, NFT platform, and non-custodial crypto wallet with fiat getaway. 

AnchorSwap is one of the FIRST development companies that offers a fully licensed one-stop-shop solution to all the crypto needs. As Socrates said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” AnchorSwap has the whole year of 2022 packed with innovative and user-friendly crypto solutions. The AnchorSwap Exchange offers several features supporting decentralized trading such as yield farming, pooling, lottery, and multi-chain functions. Now talking a little about their DEX for beginners: AnchorSwap became the first automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and AMM decentralized exchange, running on Binance Smart Chain. They developed numerous features that allow users to earn high APR (up to 150%) through staking on liquidity pools.  

In Q3 of 2022, AnchorSwap is also finalizing the development of their native wallet AnchorLink. Now, the best part about this wallet would be that it will be a Multi-Chain Wallet that allows its users to keep more than one crypto asset belonging to multiple blockchain networks.  

As the users of crypto are progressing with storing their currencies, many digital wallet service providers are now initiating to bring Web 3.0 utilities, like saving NFT and trading directly into the wallets instead of shifting around to other marketplaces. Now that the crypto space is ultimately establishing its stand in the global industry, AnchorSwap will also continue to advance with greater compliance and utilities for the ease of its community. 

“Crypto for everyone” is the motto of AnchorSwap. “We want to bring to the market a product exceeding the highest quality and security standards, offering it to as many people as possible,” says Bernhard, Founder at AnchorFinance. To accomplish this, AnchorFinance and NiobFinance will soon launch the next revolutionary platform – NAFT. 

NAFT would be an NFT marketplace that has never been experienced before. As per the Roadmap, it is expected to be launched at the end of Q2 of 2022. There are dozens of NFT marketplaces in existence, and many of them have a specific focus or niche, but NAFT aims to be the next revolutionary one. Being based at launch on the Binance Smart Chain (later it will go cross chain), the platform will offer very low operational fees and it will be powered by a tradable BEP20 token. In addition, the team already promised many perks and bonuses for holders of ANCHOR and NIOB tokens. NAFT, on top of the AnchorSwap and NiobSwap, will be another pillar of the whole ecosystem being built by Chiffre IT Solutions.  

Now, coming back to AnchorFinance, their mission is to deliver solutions as user-friendly as it gets. The ANCHOR Token and the whole ecosystem around it is a community-driven project. Many decisions about features, new pools, new farms, and the latest updates are discussed by the community. The community is also able to vote for the next features. To keep its community engagement, AnchorFinance also holds an AnchorSwap Referral Program. It means that users who refer to the application will receive 1% of earnings from the referred contact. It creates additional excitement and motivation for the AnchorSwap community members. In addition to that to keep the community’s trust and interest, AnchorFinance will also organize a Lottery system for its users and the whales interested in it.  

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