Frequently asked Questions from the Community, answered by Captain Anchor himself.

We know you have questions. And we want to answer all your questions as honestly and thoroughly as possible. Some answers may not be to your liking – but that’s okay with us. Because we stand by our philosophy and believe that AnchorSwap is one of the best projects the crypto scene has ever seen.

We are only doxxed in interviews, events or personal meetings with partners and investors. 

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions is why there are no names and detailed descriptions of the team members. The answer is very simple: to protect the personal rights and privacy of all members.

This is exactly the reason why even big projects like PancakeSwap or UniSwap don’t list team descriptions and sometimes not even an imprint. It doesn’t mean at all that someone wants to hide or that it’s a so-called “scam.”Unfortunately, the past has shown us that there are many people who have no limits in harassing project members even privately or, in rare cases, even threatening them.

Before we started to develop AnchorSwap, we made a detailed analysis of all existing well-known projects focusing on what is especially desired by the respective communities and what is not considered as not so good. The goal is to create a project that not only combines all the best features of other projects, but also makes them even better. We have realized that at a certain point, many developers just abandon their own projects. We want to go a different way. And our roadmap keeps many surprises for you!
AnchorSwap marketing has already started. We are listed on new platforms at regular intervals and have already implemented smaller marketing campaigns in selected countries. As a team, we have developed a very comprehensive marketing plan, which covers more than 2 years in advance. Our philosophy with AnchorSwap is to not become a so-called “one hit wonder”, but to create a long term investment vision and opportunity for as many people as possible.
In simple words, farms and pools serve as an investment vehicle. If you stack your tokens in pools and farms and thus provide liquidity to the entire project, you can be rewarded by the smart contract with very attractive interest rates. It is also important to note that your investment is not locked. You have the option to take your tokens out of the pool or farm at any time.
The time factor plays a very important role in the “audit” topic. Our investors are very demanding, which is perfectly fine, and they accept only audits from very reputable and well-known companies. Since we are confident about the results of the audit, we have no problem with AnchorSwap being audited by the most reputable companies. However, it may take longer to prepare an audit (depending on the company). We have already published our first audit in our docs. Other major audits are already in progress and will be published in the coming weeks. We will also keep you up to date in our Telegram group and on Twitter.
No. AnchorSwap crew is a completely new and independent team. However, all the development and marketing team members have years of experience in the subject and have already worked in large and well-known projects. You could say that the AnchorSwap crew is something like the foreign legion of the crypto scene. Crème de la crème in one project.
AnchorSwap was launched on August 14th, 2021.
AnchorSwap is programmed so that your tokens are secured at any time. Even if the site ever cracks, your tokens are secured and can be withdrawn on other exchanges as well (such as PancakeSwap). Another way to get your token back is going directly to the smart contract and removing your liquidity using bscscan.

We recommend a slippage rate between 3-5% for both purchasing and sales.

On top of ongoing updates and improvements to our first product (Defi AnchorSwap), we have already started to work on the next big milestone: AnchorNFT platform. The next big project will be crosschain AnchorWallet, which will offer many features not found in any other crypto wallets on the market today.
Price fluctuations are as much a part of a crypto project as the amen to prayer. It is not only in the nature of trading but also necessary and healthy for the entire project. There are only two important points that should never be forgotten: 1. Dips are normal and are part of any project, even the best. 2. As long as you don’t sell your tokens below buying price, you will never lose

Simple question, simple answer: No.
However, it can happen that someone can be a victim of price crashes deliberately triggered by whales. Selling tokens at the wrong time allows whales to rebuy them at much cheaper price. Some could call this technique “stealing”. Unfortunately, this is part of the game. The cards, however, are in your hands.

This can have several reasons. First of all, it is important to open the swap with the respective browser of the wallet (e.g. MetaMask) or to enter the computer with the browser on which the wallet extension is installed. For your information,TrustWallet stopped supporting the browser function for IOS devices some time ago. It is also important to check whether you have one of the supported wallets. If you still can’t connect, please contact the administrators in the official Telegram group. You are also welcome to send us a DM in such a case.
No. Currently there is only one official Telegram Support group and one Anchor Announcements group. Please make sure that you use only those Telegram groups that are linked on our website.. We have realizad that there are other “Anchor” Telegram groups that have not been published or approved by us. These groups are traps and scams. If you find one of these groups, please report it immediately as a fake one using the Telegram feature.

We do not ban users easily and without reason. Nevertheless, there are simple rules about not insulting other community members or administrators, not spreading FUD and other unnecessary negative comments, and not posting unrelated advertisements.

If you have broken any of these rules and have not stopped after a warning, the ban from the official Telegram group is justified.

The smart contract mints ANCHOR tokens every 3 seconds. This is called a block. The number of produced tokens is reduced regularly. This is called a Block Reduction. The number of tokens minted till current time is called the Total Supply. The maximum number of ANCHOR tokens minted is the Max Supply. Max Supply of ANCHOR token is 250,000,000 and it is expected to be reached by the end of 2022.
Max Supply of ANCHOR token is 250,000,000.
The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is the annual return on investment (ROI) in percent. It indicates the percentage of compounded interests you can expect to earn on your investment each year.

Multiplayer is a parameter which is used to calculate profitability (APR / APY) of pools and farms. The higher Multiplayer is the higher is the APR / APY value. 
For example:
If one farm has twice bigger multiplayer than other one than this farm will get twice more minted token assigned. 

There was no ITO (Initial Token Offer) or presale. AnchorSwap was kicked off on August 14th, 2021, at a fair launch at a token price of $0.01 for all investors.

Since we receive a lot of marketing offers, we have decided to set up a separate email address for marketing and cooperation offers. This mailbox will be checked regularly for attractive and interesting proposals for the project. If your offer is suitable for us, you will receive an answer via email too.
The e-mail address is: marketing@anchorswap.finance

Binance is the target of all the crypto projects when it comes to listings. However, Binance is one of the biggest and best exchanges in the world for a reason. Before a Binance listing can be considered, a lot of work is to be done. To achieve these goals we depend on each and every one of you as a community! Help us to show the world how great a project we are! The faster we grow, the closer the Binance listing gets.
Auto-compounding is a very convenient feature saving time and operation fees. Nevertheless, having many other more urgent features in the pipeline (like our own AMM DEX) we decided to deliver auto-compounding a bit later. We will keep you informed about progress in Telegram and our other social media channels.
Max Tx Amount is the maximum amount of ANCHOR tokens which can be a subject of any transaction. It is 0.5% of the Total Supply and it changes all the time with new ANCHOR tokens being minted.
With every ANCHOR token transaction 0.5 percent of it is being burned as part of Transfer Tax. On top of it, from time to time, to celebrate certain events, we will perform occasional ANCHOR token burns as well.
No, it is not. It decreases every two weeks or so. We have a thoroughly prepared minting plan taking into account attractive APYs, duration of the project and MAX Supply of ANCHOR token. All these parameters were part of the analysis to design an optimal minting rate calendar.