The Future Of NFT Is ANCHOR

Bridge from BSC to FTM Opera Network

NAFT is Anchors NFT platform on the Fantom’s Opera Network, where you don’t have any commissions
on sales. NAFT charges you only 3 FTM for minting NFTs on the Opera Network.

as it can be

You can create, buy and sell as well as start an auction for your NFT paying only the usual transactions fees.

We are about to develop the most straightforward User Experience and User Interface on the market. Easy to understand and easy to use for everyone and everywhere.

No Coder?
No Problem!

As mentioned above, you don’t need any coding experience at all to make your own NFT. We will start our own Launchpad for artists who are not well known yet, increasing that way their followers and community.

We work
with the BEST.

You can easily access NAFT with your MetaMask Wallet and our coming AnchorWallet.

We will give you the chance to make NFTs with a real value for your goods and products.

We use Chainlink-Datafeeds,  ERC-721, ERC-2981 and ERC-1155 collections. BEP20 payment options will also be implemented.

It's always good to be the FIRST!

We will be the first NFT platform on FTMs Opera Chain which gives you the opportunity to fractionalize your NFT. It means you can split an NFT on the smaller pieces so everyone can buy it, positively impacting the price. NFT fractionalizing also makes the market more liquid and allows NFTs being used easier as loan collaterals.

Launch Q2 - 2022