First real and fully decentralized

Leverage Trading Platform
on BNB Chain

Fully decentralized Margin Trading & Crypto Earning Platform

The AnchorSuite

Also used as a launchpad for every single product of the Anchor Ecosystem.
Make sure to open this page and launch the apps with your Wallet-Browser (e.g. Metamask – Browser) in order to connect your wallet.

Automated Market Maker and Yield Farming based on the BNB Chain

Being an Automated Market Maker and yield farming platform, AnchorSwap allows to earn passive incomes to users who decided to stake their proceeds, either in the form of single assets pools or dual assets farm (liquidity pool tokens)

Users receive rewards in the native token ANCHOR, that is minted on BNB Chain. Maximum supply of ANCHOR is 250 million and it will be reached in Q1 2023. ANCHOR token is the main crypto currency being used in the AnchorFinance ecosystem. Users who hold it will enjoy many advantages when using products and services of AnchorFinance.

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First fully decentralized Leverage Trading with integrated Lending Module

It is the first fully decentralized leverage trading platform on the Binance Smart Chain.
AnchorExchange Staking Protocol allows investors to earn passive incomes with the same tokens they stake. So stake Bitcoin – earn Bitcoin. Stake ETH – earn ETH. Stake USDT – earn USDT. Stake ANCHOR – earn ANCHOR.

AnchorExchange shares profits of the platform among all the lending pool stakers, making it truly decentralized and community oriented. It differentiates AnchorExchange from all other centralized exchanges.

Being decentralized, AnchorExchange is much cheaper than its centralized competitors. On top of this, holders of the native token ANCHOR, are rewarded with up to 60% of fee discount.

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Next Gen NFT Platform powered by tradeable BEP-20 token (NAFT)

NAFT is an innovative NFT platform opening up to completely new categories of businesses like real estates, cars, yachts, luxury products and services connected with them (e.g. properties rental). Any unique good can be represented in the form of Non Fungible Token that clearly defines its ownership and allows to store in the blockchain a history of all events related to this object.

Tokenization of games is another promising source of income for NAFT platform. It allows the introduction of economy into games, changing its traditional model into ‘play to earn’ or ‘play to invest’. Every game tokenization will generate demand for NAFT utility token, which will be a reference currency in the tokenized games.

Fractionalization is another edge cutting feature of NAFT. There are many customers wishing to possess luxury products they can’t afford. It can be solved by NFT fractionalization that allows to share ownership of different goods with all advantages linked to it.

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Easy to use Multichain-Crypto Wallet with Crypto2Fiat Gateway

It is a flagship product of the AnchorFinance ecosystem. lt is not just another crypto wallet offering usual functions like sending, receiving or swapping crypto assets. Easy to use, intuitive, and eye catching user interface perfectly positions AnchorLink as a wallet of the first choice for users who wish to enter crypto space. Its main differentiator is Fiat2Crypto gateway that uses functionalities of AnchorFiat proprietary software. It allows exchange of crypto assets into the Fiat currencies connecting both words of crypto and traditional economies. AnchorLink allows access to all the products of AnchorFinance ecosystem serving as a gateway between Fiat currencies, payment cards, passive income products, NFT, GameFi and Metaverse. All in one, easy to use and cross chain mobile application on iOS and Android.
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Crypto-Payment plugin for onlineshops and payment systems

It is a plugin allowing customers paying in crypto for good being acquired in the online shops. It will be another payment alternative on top of bank transfers, payment cards and other traditional economy payment methods. Online shops wishing to use AnchorPay, will install the respective plugin and make it available on the their websites.

After choosing AnchorPay as a payment method, user will select crypto assets being used to pay. On other side, merchant will have an option to define payment currency to be accepted (fiat or Crypto).

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Crypto2Fiat Gateway connecting crypto with fiat economy.

It is a a gateway between traditional economy and crypto space. It will allow performing exchange between fiat currencies and crypto assets (tokens and coins).

It will be not a standalone product but a module being used in other products of AnchorFinance ecosystem (e.g. AnchorLink or AnchorExchange) as well as in other third party systems connected via API. It will help our business partners to enter crypto economy expanding the network of AnchorFinance customers.

AnchorFinance will cooperate with the leading banks across USA, Europe and Middle East to ensure the lowest exchange fees on the market.

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AnchorSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM), and the Exchange is at the heart of it. AnchorSwap is an AMM on the Binance Smart Chain with increased security, majority of functions of every other AMM and many more!

We use the AnchorSwap Exchange that offers several features supporting decentralized trading such as farming, pooling, and multichain functions.

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Yield Farming

Save and easy. Start farming on our DEX today and earn ANCHOR tokens immediately! Earn up to 100% APR in our farms!

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This is the Next Big Deal

NAFT will be an NFT Marketplace like we never saw before. The first roll-out is planned for end of the first half 2023 and will include basic features of a classic NFT platforms with new elements of user incentives.

AnchorLink | Multichain Wallet With Fiat Gateway

A further milestone that the team is aiming to complete in first half of 2023 would be AnchorSwap’s custom multi-wallet, called AnchorLink. AnchorLink would provide the functionalities needed for going cross chain with the NFTs, which would lead to market expansion and a greater value for ANCHOR.

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NFT Platform
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Launch of special V.I.P. Investor Relationships
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AnchorLink Multichain Wallet
Going Crosschain with NAFT
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Lottery Update - NAFT Lottery
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Parnterships for NAFT
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